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Behavior Management Toolkit 6 Pk

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With a focus on creating a positive school environment, the Behaviour Management Toolkit provides educators and administrators with a variety of options and approaches. The underlying premise of this book is that most behavior problems can be prevented with the appropriate preparation. Our toolkit consists of nearly 200 pages of material. There is enough for all; use it all or be selective. We leave the judgement up to you. Our book organizes the material into eight dimensions: 1. Positive Environment, 2. Proactive Prevention, 3. Relationships, 4. Rules and Consequences, 5. Routines, 6. Resources, 7. Rescue and Support, 8. Review. About the Author: David Koutsoukis is a much sought after professional speaker, consultant and author who delivers his entertaining presentations to educational institutions, community groups and corporate organizations. His topics include: behavior management, staff morale and motivation, teamwork and the importance of having fun in life and work. Dave is from Australia where anti-bullying measures have been in place for a number of years. Australia is emerging as a leader in this important aspect of school life.
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