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Be Amazing Kits Magnetic Marvels

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Over 30 cool activities inside!
Discover the mystery and magic of magnets with this amazing kit. If you are the kind of cool-kid-scientist that likes to build, experiment, and discover things yourself, then this is the kit for you. With this kit you will:

- Learn how compasses work, and build your own "water compass."
- Find and catch iron from dirt and even from breakfast cereal.
- See through a metal tube with "X-ray" paper.
- Build your own electromagnet.
- Create and play your own magnet games, such as "hairy face art." magnet maze," and "forest of nails."
- Make a paperclip float in the air.
- Make magnetic putty move toward and "swallow" a super magnet.
- Use iron filings and the magnet in your kit to see actual magnetic fields.
- Make disc magnets bounce and hover in the air.
And many, many more cool science experiments and activities.

You'll also learn some amazing science facts:
- What causes the Northern Lights?
- Can lightning really create magnets?
- How do compasses work?
- Are there really trains that float?
- How do magnets work, anyway, and what do they have to do with electricity?
You'll discover the answer to all of these and more as you embark on an incredible science adventure. Amaze your parents and astound your friends with your amazing magnet magics and musings.
Science Principles explored in this kit: physics
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