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Be Amazing Kits Electrified Fun

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More than 20 cool activities inside!

Are you ready for some electrifyingly cool science fun? Explore the world of electricity with this amazing kit. If you are the kind of cool-kid-scientist that likes to build, experiment, and discover things yourself, then this is the kit for you. With this kit you will:

- Make a game board and test your friends' smarts.
- Learn about static electricity, and use it to power a light bulb with your feet!
- Make an electromagnet.
- Create a simple telegraph.
- Learn about series and parallel circuits.
- Build your own simple motor.
- Engineer an alarm to keep unwanted snoopers out of your room.
- Build a machine that can test whether different items are good conductors.
- Learn Morse Code.

And many more cool science experiments and activities. You'll also learn some amazing science facts: How do planes use spikes to fight static electricity? How are magnets related to electricity, and how are they used at traffic lights and in clothes washers? What makes motors move? How do neon lights work?

You'll discover the answer to all of these and more as you embark on an incredible science adventure. Amaze your parents and astound your friends with your amazing electrical engineering.

Science Principles explored in this kit: physics
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