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Basic Vocabulary Building Kit

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This flexible kit for newcomers teaches the alphabet, sounds and fundamental vocabulary using high-interest themes like school, community and animals. Instruction Goals: Quickly build critical vocabulary Learn basic language patterns Develop oral language skills, fluency and confidence in English Integrate school, home and culture A Flip-Chart easel book and Audio CD forms the foundation of each lesson with a flexible and highly-targeted approach to teaching key vocabulary through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Customizable to each student's needs and abilities, this comprehensive kit provides ELL teachers with materials for whole class, center activities or individual instruction. Teachers can present lessons in order or choose parts of lessons to compliment their current curriculum. Fun home-involvement activities are also included to build background knowledge and affirm the home culture or language. Themes include: School Community Family Food Weather & Seasons Animals My Body My Classroom Colors Numbers Shapes & Sizes Feelings Money Time Clothes My Home Kit includes: Illustrated Scenes & Songs Basic Vocabulary Building Flip Book supporting all 16 themes of the kit (17 coated pages measure 13 " x 19 " with spiral binding and easel base) Audio CD featuring live recordings of all songs and chants in the Flip Book Instruction and Activity Book (96 pages with black line masters) Photo Cards (156 double-sided, write-on/wipe-off cards for labeling in native language) Letter Cards (144 double-sided & color-coded to match Reading Rodsr 228 Basic Vocabulary Building Reading Rodsr, in a sturdy tub Related Products You May Be Interested In Browsing: Pretend & Playr Classroom Play Food Set Language Patterns and Vocabulary Kit for English Language Learners Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart Basic Classifying Cards Bundle RadiusT Audio Learning System Picture Vocabulary for English Language Learners CD Card Set
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