• Basic Facts To 18 2-3

Basic Facts To 18 2-3

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Math Skills packs the basic math skills every child must acquire into a nine-book series. In First Number Skills students practice numerals, counting, number words, ordinals, and beginning place value skills. Time & Money Skills focuses on telling time to the hour, half-hour, and minute and how to work with both coins and bills. Number Facts to 10 and Number Facts to 18 give students practice with the basic addition and subtraction facts. Regrouping Skills and Multiplication Facts allow students to master addition and subtraction regrouping and basic multiplication facts. Multiplication Skills is a book for those who know basic multiplication facts and are ready to use them in higher level computations. Place Value Skills focuses on ones, tens, and hundreds. Finally, Fraction Basics addresses parts of the whole, parts of a set, equivalency, etc.
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