• Bake-a-Shape Sorter

Bake-a-Shape Sorter

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Age: 6 months and up

Skills: Shapes Colors Counting 1 - 4

Sort each colorful shape to see pop up surprises that reward and engage baby.
Play modes introduce colors, shape names, and counting 1-4.
A see-through oven door and fun baking song encourage play and interaction.

What is it?
Little ones will learn and laugh as they explore shapes, colors and counting with music! As each shape is sorted, special surprises pop up to reward baby! Easy-open, see-through door lets little bakers see what they've made!

How does it work?
3 play modes and 4 colorful pop-up shapes.
Sort each shape to hear its name, color and count from 1-4.
Press the music button to hear a fun baking song!
Break-away safety door and volume control.
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