Aprons at TeachersParadise.com

Working with art & crafts, science projects, or cooking can always be less than tidy. A kids painting apron or general art art smock can always help maintain a cleaner classroom. Aprons can be a fun way to prevent messes and clothing stains. Whether working with children or adults, there is bound to be some messes, so choose from our wide variety of apron design options will help to minimize arm scrubbing and ruining clothes. By using the many different apron designs available at TeachersParadise.com, such as the waterproof sleeveless smocks or standard aprons, with so many more options, and all are great for easy dressing and keeping kids clean and dry throughout their activity. An artist should never have to be concerned with ruining clothes since that can get in the way of their creativity, so look for the perfect toddler art smock or children's painting apron today. While the long-sleeve water-resistant smock will help protect skin and clothes from stray paint and markers. Washable art smocks, vinyl aprons, and disposable aprons are a great addition to any classroom or home school supply closet. Allow creativity to be messy and thrive, all while protecting clothing and skin from art supplies.