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Ready2Learn™ Creative Stickers, Colored Eyes

These self-adhesive, easy to peel off the roll stickers will bring your projects to life. Stick on art, toys and craft projects of any kind. Each roll includes 2000 stickers...


Acrylic Gemstones. 8 oz.

Enjoy a premium mix of different sizes, shapes, and colors of sparkling acrylic gemstones. Adults and children find a multitude of uses for these acrylic gemstones. Decorate scrapbooks, picture frames...


Face Stix™ Face Painting Sticks

These sticks make face painting easier than ever! Paint is as easy to remove as it is to put on. There is no need for harsh scrubbing or removers. Simply washes off with a little soap and water. Face ...


Ultra-Clean Washable Markers Classpack®, Fine Line, 10 Colors, Pack of 200

Kids love to get creative with color, but parents want to keep the color where it belongs and easily remove it where it doesn't! Crayola Ultra-Clean Fine Line Markers now have an improved Ultra-Clean ...


Washable Paint, Blue, Gallon

Crayola Washable Paint combines vibrant color with easy washability. Children can express themselves freely because Crayola Washable Paint cleans up with just soap and water. Washes easily from skin a...


Multicultural People 16In

Culturally Diverse Family cut outs are fun for the whole family to enjoy. These cut outs have someone for each member of the family including Big Kids, Daddy, Me Kid, Mommy and Wee Kid, come in packag...


Little Masters® Washable Tempera Paint Gallon, Light Green

A fine quality and economical paint, a great combination for the beginning artist! Opaque blendable colors are bright and rich and won't chip, flake or crack when dry. Washes out of most fabrics with ...


Green Art -Time Washable Paint Gallon

Teachers and students will master the basic way to paint and create! Great for ANY classroom! For ages 3 and up...


Ready2Learn™ Dough & Paint Stampers, Uppercase Alphabet

Ready2Learn™ Uppercase Alphabet Dough & Paint Stampers have comfort grip handles and are ideal for young children and adults. Great to use with dough and stamp pads. They have an easy release surface ...


Gallery™ Tempera Cake Set, 9 Colors with Brush

This complete tempera kit includes water wells and a paint brush. Nine beautiful colors come in a compact easy-to-store plastic tray. Cakes are ready to use when you are. When finished, put the clear ...


Influence young minds as they dapple in finger paints, watercolors, or clay sculpting crafts. It's not just making art. Arts and crafts play a fundamental role in motor skill development. Whether using beads, arts & craft kits, bells, and buttons to unlock the creative process, these are all tools that extend to heightened motor skills and literacy development that continues to show increasingly beneficial. Let be home to your creative inspirations with an endless inventory of art supplies and classroom materials to keep learning headed in the right direction.

Everyone possesses unique artistic skills, using a mixture of art materials of glitter, glue, construction paper, and tools allow your innovative and creative thinking to transform into something truly fantastic. Kids arts and crafts encourage healthy decision-making and support the development of fine and gross motor skills of all ages. Strengthening motor skills development, practicing manual dexterity, and fine-tuning muscle control through drawing with practicing color pencils, markers, and crayons, using glue and cutting with scissors all help to encourage self-expression and boosts self-esteem.