Peel it and stick it; it's that simple. This toddler directed kit includes a wide variety of collage materials, stickers, peel and stick cardstock framed artboards and animal shapes. Toddlers will get a feel for hands-on creativity! Includes: 100 jumbo paper shapes, 100 Really Big Buttons, 100 Big Pom Poms, 100 Jumbo Fun Plastic Shapes, 240 pieces of Shredded Tissue, 100 pieces 6" yarn asst. colors, 12 (8 x 9") peel and stick picture frames (farm, jungle and bugs themed), 12 (6 x 9") peel and stick die-cut animal shapes (dog, cat, elephant, zebra, lady bug and butterfly), 4 shape stickers panels (120 stickers), 4 design stickers panels (120 stickers). Age 2+ Made in USA
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