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Arctic Circle Playset

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At the summer solstice, when days are so long that we call the Arctic Circle the land of the 'midnight sun," there are blooms of tiny flowers and abundant grasses and marshes seemingly to the ends of the earth. This is a time on the tundra when animals, plants and insects busy themselves taking advantage of the precious comodities that so much light and warmth bring. Birds have migrated thousands of miles to nest, raise their young, and enjoy the plentiful insects. Caribou, or reindeer, consume the moss and lichens that have taken years to grow, and then move on quickly to escape the ravenous mosquitoes. The hum of life includes the hardheaded crashing of musk ox greetings, the chatter of harp seals, and the purr of puffin1s wings as they take flight around their rocky homes at sea Set contains 13 chunky figures and habitat theater! Includes fun facts about each animal and a narrative about each animal and a narrative about the habitat.
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