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Ant Farm Giant

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With this Giant Ant Farm, Uncle Milton wants you to see what ants do when they go underground. The Giant Ant Farm has a big viewing surface; perfect for group ant watching. This giant ant farm is great for a science lab project at school or at your own home! It comes complete with a one-year supply of an food, water, feeder, and clean tunneling sand, an illustrated Ant Watcher Manual and mail-in coupon for live ants. Your new friends will tunnel, build bridges, move mountains, and make caves. Your new educational science toy will amaze and astound you! See ants in a whole new light in their new Giant Ant Farm! Recommended Age: 6 Years. Adult assistance recommended. Includes order form to receive live ants by mail (postage and handling fee required. Ants shipped only within the continental limits of the USA and Canada). Dimensions: 15"L x 10"H.
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