• Animals Of The Sea Set Of 10

Animals Of The Sea Set Of 10

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This ready-made thematic unit is designed to provide children with an educational experience into the world of insects and arthropods. The 18-page Lesson Plan & Activity Guide is based upon and correlates to National Science Educational Standards. Kit contains high quality Italian-made optical components, hand-painted polyvinyl insect replicas, and comes complete in a reusable plastic tub. Tarantula Replica Scorpion Replica Praying Mantis Replica Dragonfly Replica Monarch Butterfly Replica Insect Tube (over 15 small insect replicas) 'How Insects See" viewing tubes with lens and retaining rings (5) Mega lens Magnifying Glasses with detachable specimen tweezers (5) World's Best Bug Viewers with 4x magnifier lens attachment (5) 18-page Lesson Plan & Activity Guide Booklet
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