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Anagramania Junior Edition

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Anagramania Junior Edition is an entertaining and educational word game that parents and children can play together with equal enjoyment! Both will enjoy the fun of uncovering answers to the clues by unscrambling the letters of one or more highlighted keywords in each clue. The first player to answer earns a move of two spaces on the board - provided, of course, that his/her answer is correct! Other players are then given a minute more to complete their efforts to solve the clue, and if correct, they move their play pieces a single space. In the basic method of play, it's a straightforward race to the center of the board. An alternative method of play called the 'Spoke-n-Word' game, uses a 30-sided letter die, to increase the fun of the board race and to 'level the playing field' among players with different anagram-solving skills. Teachers who have used Anagramania Junior Edition as a classroom game have told us that their students not only have a great time playing it, but that they see tremendous improvements in the students' language skills as a result. Winner of ten prestigious awards, Anagramania Junior Edition was one of the most highly acclaimed new games of 2005. Click on an the award emblems to find out more. For 2-6 players, teens and adults.
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