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Agility Ladder

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The agility ladder is so versatile, it is the ultimate footwork training device...Improve foot quickness, agility, coordination and balance... Vary the position of the ladder to work linear and lateral movements and change of direction drills...Unique slat design allows the ladder slats to be adjusted longer or shorter to accommodate larger or smaller athletes...Preset markings on the ladder represent traditional slat distances of 18"...Ladder ends can be securely fastened to weight plates to keep the ladder in place...Cross slats lie flat to reduce chance of tripping...Slats have foam rubber backing to reduce shifting and sliding...Quick release buckle in the middle of the ladder allows it to be separated into two 15' sections...Stores quickly and neatly on stacking pin...30' long, 20" wide with 20 adjustable slats (both ends are fixed)...Lightweight and portable... Instructions, drills and carry bag included.
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