• Activity Book Polar Regions

Activity Book Polar Regions

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Loaded with historic and cultural arts, crafts, games, cooking, and more, Hands-on Heritage Activity Books provide learn-and-do activities that include instructions, historical aids, and complete material lists. 8-1/2 x 11 inches. 48 pp. Complete with historical notes and easy-to-follow directions, this activity book provides a vibrant opportunity to explore the Polar Regions. Stimulating cross-curricular activities made from low-cost recyclable materials generate excitement, questions, and fun. Make a paper chain that illustrates one part of the Antarctic food web! Design and carve an animal out of "ivory." Work in a cooperative group to build a inuksuk, or stone man! Mark the length of a blue whale to help imagine the size of the largest animal ever! 40 inventive projects will ensure a community of learners anxious to delve into an exploration of the Polar Regions.
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