• A Print Rich Classroom Literacy For Little Learners

A Print Rich Classroom Literacy For Little Learners

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A Print-Rich Classroom A Print-Rich Classroom gives you the ideas you need to fill your classroom with print and conversations about print that nurture early literacy growth. Using these practical suggestions you'll welcome your children into a dynamic classroom with countless opportunities for children to learn about letters and sounds, to develop word awareness, and to learn the concepts of print. Get off to an enticing start with the most meaningful words young children encounter--their names. This book provides dozens of name-related suggestions that will have your little ones playing, singing, drawing, spelling, and reading their way to new understandings. Blend in a generous helping of classroom-oriented print using labels, center signs, job charts, and weather displays to encourage children to apply their developing skills for real purposes. Add a sprinkling of interactive stories, engaging games, and multisensory writing experiences to guarantee that children have a world of fun while they're learning.There you have it! A mix of print and conversations about print that will speed your planning time and strengthen your little one's literacy skills!
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