• 5Th Gr Learning Palette Math 2 Base Center Kit

5Th Gr Learning Palette Math 2 Base Center Kit

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Each kit comes with 1 or 2 LP Bases and 6 curriculum packs. The curriculum has been carefully crafted to help your students meet the expectations of the NCTM Standards. The 5th grade kit includes the 6 curriculum packets listed below: 3 that deal with Numeration, and 1 each for Algebra Concepts, Geometry & Measurement, and Probability & Statistics. The 2 base kits are designed for Math Centers and allow 4 - ; 6 students to work independently from the rest of the class. The 1 Base kits work better for home use. Additional Bases will allow for more students. Each packet includes 12 cards with 12 questions on each card. With 6 packets per grade level there are 864 questions and answers. Each kit comes packaged in a vinyl bag that is convenient to use and great for storage.
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