• 1 Hole Indoor - 64" Center Height - With 14"

1 Hole Indoor - 64" Center Height - With 14"

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Our deluxe Hoop Disc Toss Target game will offer your students an exciting, challenging and fun activity that will help them develop coordination, cooperation and confidence.The portable lightweight target hoops are made of durable PVC and plastic.Versatile targets are available in three heights and can be set up as a disc golf game, 9 hole course, target hoops, obstacles, etc. - any configuration you'd like.The 9 target outdoor set includes 9 ea. numbered targets (3 ea. 40" center height, 3 ea. 52" center height, 3 ea. 64" center height), 9 ea. 90G discs, 9 ea. 10" numbered "tees" and 9 ea. steel ground sockets.The indoor set gets all of the above except the "tees" and gets 14" diam. steel bases instead of ground sockets.Individual targets are also available.Some assembly required.
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