★★★★★ Preschool Shape Puzzles for Android from TeachersParadise.com Studios. 250+ Puzzle Pieces for hours on educational fun! ★★★★★

Colorful and fun shape puzzles pieces are easily snapped together to make age appropriate educational preschool puzzles. After the shape puzzle is completed, the puzzle's word will play! Want to play again? Just shake the phone to restart the puzzle or continue to the next preschool shape puzzle!

★ 250+ Preschool Shape Puzzles Pieces
★ 26 Preschool Shape Puzzles
★ Free Ad-supported version.
★ Language: US English
★ Age Level: 1+
★ Title: Preschool Shape Puzzles for Kids
★ Copyright 2012 TeachersParadise.com, Inc.

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